KPFK June 2: Tom Hayden on gangs

Abu Ghraib and the military’s cult of masculinity: CAROL BURKE explains the toxic combination of misogyny and homophobia in military culture. Her new book is Camp All-American, Hanoi Jane, and the High-and-Tight: Gender, Folklore, and Changing Military Culture. She also wrote The Nation‘s cover story Kinda Fonda Jane: Why They Love to Hate Her.

Also: the lasting relevance of 1968: the year the rocked the world: MARK KURLANSKY explains.

And TOM HAYDEN talks about gangs and the gang violence that has killed 25,000 young people in America since 1980, and the neocon politics of law and order that only make things worse. Tom’s new book is Street Wars: Gangs and the Future of Violence, out now from The New Press. Tom recently wrote about the terrible prison fire in Honduras, “Homies were burning alive.”