KPFK Wed. July 20: Iraq – and Iran

“The Iraq war is over – and the winner is — Iran.” That’s what JUAN COLE says — he’s professor of history at Michigan, and he writes the famous “Informed Comment” blog about Iraq.

Enemy Aliens: Double Standards And Constitutional Freedoms In The War On TerrorismAlso: Bush nominated John G. Roberts to the Supreme Court; how bad is this guy? DAVID COLE will explain; he’s The Nation‘s legal affairs correspondent, professor at Georgetown University Law Center, and author of the award-winning book Enemy Aliens: Double Standards and Constitutional Freedoms in the War on Terrorism (New Press), out in a revised paperback edition this month.

In Other Words : Artists Talk About Life and Work Plus: what do Eminem, Johnny Cash, John Lennon, and R.E.M. have in common? All see their their music in relation to social and political issues — that’s what they told ANTHONY DeCURTIS, contributing editor to Rolling Stone and author of In Other Words: Artists Talk about Life and Work. PLAYLIST: Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison, “Folsom Prison Blues”; R.E.M./Michael Stipe, “Losing My Religion” (Live–Athens GA); Eminem, The Marshall Mathers LP, “****/Kill You”; John Lennon Collection, “Instant Karma”

WEB EXTRA: Karl Rove update: “Luckily for Bush, it is not a crime to change the grounds on which you’ll pledge to fire someone.” — Jon Stewart. Watch Jon Stewart on Karl Rove