KPFK Wed. July 13: Robert Scheer on Karl Rove

ROBERT SCHEER talks about Karl Rove’s crime: “To try to conceal the fact that the President had lied to the American public about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction program, Rove attempted to destroy the credibility of two national security veterans and send an intimidating message to any other government officials preparing to publicly tell the truth.” Scheer of course is a syndicated columnist and co-author of The Five Biggest Lies Bush told Us About Iraq.

Wobblies!: A Graphic History of the Industrial Workers of the WorldPlus: It’s the 100th anniversary of the Wobblies! PAUL BUHLE has written a fabulous graphic history of the IWW: Mike Davis says “tell the bosses to go to hell and buy an extra copy of this wonderful history.”
The Travelling Wobbly Show opens in LA Sunday, July 17; reception 7-9 pm: at The Workmen’s Circle, 1525 S. Robertson Blvd, LA; 310 552 2007.

Also: GANG OF FOUR launched a post-punk scratchy, funky sound and sang songs about exploitation in love and work. Their 1979 debut album “Entertainment!” has had a huge influence, and now it’s been reissued by Rhino. We’ll speak with co-founder and singer JON KING and listen to some key songs.
PLAYLIST: Gang of Four, “Entertainment!” Rhino R2 78428
#2 “Natural’s Not In It”: “the problem/of leisure/what to do/for pleasure. . . ”
#4 ” Damaged Goods”: “your kiss so sweet/your sweat so sour . . .”
#7 “I Found That Essence Rare”: “the worst thing in 1954 was the bikini . . .”
“To Hell with Poverty” (single)

More stuff to read: Jon Wiener criticizes Alan Dershowitz (and praises Arnold Schwarzenneger), on the LA Times op-ed page Monday:,1,6360784.story?ctrack=1&cset=true