A Tale of Love and DarknessAMOS OZ, the great Israeli peace activist and novelist, will talk about the future of the Mideast, and about his memoir A Tale of Love and Darkness – it’s a fantastic book about growing up in Jerusalem in the forties and fifties, and it’s out now in paperback. (archive edition, originally broadcast 12/04)

ALSO: Jack Abramoff and the Mideast: JUAN COLE notes that Abramoff took money from Indian tribes — and gave it to right-wing Israelis establishing illegal settlements on Palestinian Land. Juan is professor of history at Michigan, president-elect of the Middle East Studies Association, and he writes the famous “Informed Comment” blog.

Terrorism and the Constitution: Sacrificing Civil Liberties in the Name of National SecurityPLUS: Spying on Americans – we’ll have an update from DAVID COLE of the Center for Constitutional Rights and The Nation magazine — he says Bush acted in direct violation of a criminal law. David’s new book is Terrorism and the Constitution, and he wrote recently in The Nation about the many ways President Bush has abused the power of his office.

Also: FRANK WILKINSON died Monday — he fought HUAC for 25 years, and went to jail for nine months in 1961 for refusing to anwer the question “Are you now or have you ever been?” He’s also a hero of Freedom of Information — his FOIA lawsuit led to the release of his FBI file, 132,000 documents, the largest on any individual ever released under the FOIA. Frank’s story was featured on Ry Cooder’s recent CD “Chavez Ravine” — we’ll listen to Ry sing his song about Frank, “Don’t Call Me Red.”
READ the New York Times obituary on Frank Wilkinson (it’s pretty good).