KPFK 1-28: Elmore Leonard

ELMORE LEONARD, the mystery writer whose books include Get Shorty, which was made into that great film with John Travolta as a mobster who wants to become a Hollywood producer, live in-studio, talks about his latest, Mr. Paradise.

Also: KATHA POLLITT, columnist for The Nation, talks about the Democrats after New Hampshire: Katha says “I still like Dean.”

And: Twilight of Empire: Responses to Occupation is a gorgeous book that includes essays by Mike Davis, Viggo Mortensen of “Lord of the Rings,” and Jodie Evans of Code Pink. co-editor MARK LEVINE talks about the book — and what?s happening in Iraq today.

Web extra: Bush is down in the polls: Newsweek reports that “a 52-percent majority of registered voters says it would not like to see him re-elected to a second term. Only 44 percent say they would like to see him re-elected, a four-point drop from the last Newsweek Poll.” And “A Kerry-Bush match-up would have Kerry up by 49 percent to Bush’s 46 percent.”