KPFK 2-11: Robert Scheer on Bush’s Lies

4:00: Political update from HAROLD MEYERSON — after Kerry’s latest primary victories, we ask again: Can he beat Bush in November? Read Harold in the LA Weekly and the Washington Post .

4:20: INCOHERENT EMPIRE: that’s the title of Michael Mann‘s new book, where the UCLA sociologist argues that the US is better at devastating than pacifying countries — and unable to rule over foreign lands or control its own supposed client states.

4:40: ROBERT SCHEER talks about The Five Biggest Lies Bush Told Us About Iraq — read Bob in the LA Times: “War as an excuse for everything.”

WEB EXTRA: check out the Cost-of-War website:

also : Bush’s Air National Guard records from 1972 show that he apparently blew off drills beginning in May 1972, failed to show up for his physical, and was then grounded and transferred as a disciplinary measure.