KPFK April 14: Ruben Martinez

400 George Bush says “I have a plan to end the war on terror” : HAROLD MEYERSON of the LA Weekly and the Washington Post will have political analysis.

415 “Iraq is George Bush’s Vietnam” (Ted Kennedy said that): IAN WILLIAMS of The Nation comments on the news from Falluja.

430 Working at WalMart: DAVID SHIPLER, author of The Working Poor: Invisible in America, explains the problem.

445 RUBEN MARTINEZ has a new book out, a kaleidoscopic picture of immigrants moving to the US from India, Mexico, and Palestine: it’s called The New Americans. PBS video available at 888-572-8918.

NOTE: The Newsweek poll Saturday has Kerry ahead of Bush 50-43 — and 40% of Americans concerned that Iraq could become “another Vietnam.”