KPFK Wed. Apr. 20: John Dean, Maureen Dowd, Victor Navasky

Worse than Watergate“: that’s what JOHN DEAN says about the Bush White House practice of secrecy and deception. John Dean of course served as counsel to President Nixon at age 31, a job he did for a thousand days.
SEE John Dean at the BookFest at UCLA, Sat. 1130am, Korn Convocation Hall

Also: MAUREEN DOWD, the New York Times op-ed columnist: she’ll talk about what she calls “Bushworld“: “It’s their reality,” she says. “We just live and die in it.”
SEE Maureen Dowd at the Bookfest at UCLA, Sat. 1130am, Korn Convocation Hall

Plus: VICTOR NAVASKY: he’s the renowned editor, writer, and teacher who has been at the helm of The Nation for almost thirty years. Now he has a new book: A Matter of Opinion, an extraordinary political document: a spirited, provocative argument for independent journals of opinion as vital to the health of democracy — a wonderful book, and a funny one too.
SEE Victor Navasky at the Bookfest at UCLA, Sat. 130pm Rolfe 1200

AT THE BOOKFEST AT UCLA, STOP BY AND SAY HI: Jon Wiener at The Nation Booth 344, Saturday 300pm.


11:30am: Together at Last: John Dean, Maureen Dowd, and Jon Wiener: Korn Hall
12:30pm: Adam Shatz: “Islam Now”: Haines 39
1:30pm: Victor Navasky: “Hollywood and the Reds”: Rolfe 1200
2:00pm: Russell Jacoby, Jonathan Schell, Amy Wilentz: “Outsourcing Democracy”: Haines 39
3:30pm: Chris Hedges: “Covering War”: Haines 39
3:30pm: Richard Steven Street: “California Farmworkers”: Korn Convocation Hall

10:00am: Katrina vanden Heuvel, “America’s Political Culture”: Moore Hall 100
10:30am: Melissa Boyle Mahle, “The New World Order”: Haines 39
1:00pm: Steve Fraser, Adam Hochschild: “Writing Epic History”: Dodd 147
1:30pm: Marc Cooper: “A Sense of Place” Franz 1178

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