KPFK Wed. 9/28: The Red Cross Money Pit


Operation USATHE RED CROSS MONEY PIT: The American Red Cross has raised more than $800 million for Hurricane Katrina victims. This would be justified if the organization had to pay the cost of the 300,000 people it has sheltered. But FEMA and the affected states are reimbursing the Red Cross under preexisting contracts for emergency shelter and other disaster services. The existence of these contracts is no secret to anyone – except for the American public. Richard Walden comments – he’s president of Operation USA.

Voices of A People's History of the United StatesPlus: HOWARD ZINN talks about disasters, natural and political – Howard’s new book is Voices from A People’s History. Join Howard, Danny Glover, Viggo Mortensen, Marissa Tomei, Alfre Woodard, Sandra Oh, and others for a night of dramatic readings from people’s history: Wednesday, October 5, 8 PM, Japan America Theatre, 244 South San Pedro Street downtown LA in Little Tokyo. Info: 213-680-3700;

Also: INTELLIGENT DESIGN ON TRIAL : This week the Dover, PA court is hearing the lawsuit over teaching “intelligent design” as a requirement in the high school biology curriculum.
Subject to Debate : Sense and Dissents on Women, Politics, and Culture (Modern Library Paperbacks)

Nation magazine columnist KATHA POLLITT comments: she calls intelligent design “road to nowhere, because it insists on fidelity to revealed truths that are not true.” But today 40 percent of high school biology teachers don’t teach evolution, either because it’s socially unacceptable in their communities, or because they themselves don’t believe in it.