KPFK Wed. 9/17: The Smell of Fear on Wall Street

Wall Street’s Epic of Destruction: WILLIAM GREIDER of The Nation will comment
he says “What is being swept away is the monumental arrogance of celebrated financiers, and the fraudulent gimmicks that created lots of new billionaires by selling bad paper to the world’s investors.”

Iraq: the Forever War.  DEXTER FILKINS has covered the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001 for the New York Times.  Robert Stone noted “The contrast of his eloquence and humanity with the shameless snake-oil salesmanship employed by the American government.”  Filkins describes “an arid, hopeless policy” in an unforgettable book: The Forever War.
Dexter Filkins will be speaking at the downtown LA Public Library ALOUD series Thurs 9/18 at 700pm.

Plus: Moral relativism: who are we to judge other cultures?  What makes us think our standards should apply to everybody in the world — Isn’t that the problem with fundamentalist religions of all types?  On the other hand: do we live in a different world from Sarah Palin – or is it okay for us to make moral judgments about her?  STEVEN LUKES will explain – he teaches social theory at NYU and his new book is Moral Relativism.

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