Hillary in Ramallah: KPFK Wed. 3/4

Hillary In Ramallah: Sec. of State Clinton visited Palestinian leaders on the West Bank this morning — for comment and some historical perspective, we turn to RASHID KHALIDI, he holds the Edward Said Chair in Arab Studies at Columbia University, and his new book is Sowing Crisis: The Cold War and American Dominance in the Middle East.

And: Socialism in Washington?  “We’re all socialists now,” says Newsweek. HAROLD MEYERSON of the Washington Post op-ed page isn’t so sure: “I’ve still encountered just two avowed democratic socialists in my daily rounds through the nation’s capital: Vermont‘s Sen. Bernie Sanders . . . and  the guy I see in the mirror when I shave,” he says.

Plus: Honeymoon in Tehran: a report on love and danger in the Islamic Republic: we’ll speak with Azadeh Moaveni — she was pregnant and unmarried in Iran last year — not a good place to be.  And she attended government sex ed classes for brides-to-be.  She also reported on Iran’s nuclear program for Time magazine.

More stuff to read: my new piece in The Nation, “Opening the Files on Bush’s Secrets.”  A Freedom of Information wish list: What did Treasury do with the TARP money? Who authorized torture? Plus, warrantless wiretap targets, FEMA’s Katrina records and White House e-mail.