The Nation Guide to The Nation: KPFK Wed. 2/11

The essential guide to the left in America – to help find our kinds of places close to home and on the road. Editor RICHARD LINGEMAN will talk about the new book THE NATION GUIDE TO THE NATION: organic and slow-food restaurants, bookshop cafes, parades and festivals, no-sweat clothing stores, and alternative weeklies — and also the blogosphere.
We are featuring The Nation Guide to the Nation as a KPFK fund drive premium.

ALSO: “THE TRAP: What happened to our Dream of Freedom” is the latest BBC documentary from award-winning director ADAM CURTIS – the man who made “Century of the Self”and the unforgettable “Power of Nightmares.” “The Trap” criticizes the idea that  human beings are inevitably self-seeking.  Contributors include R.D. Laing, Clancy Sigal, Tom Frank, Robert Reich, Kevin Phillips, and Franz Fanon. We are featuring “The Trap” on DVD as a KPFK fund drive premium.

And: Your Minnesota Moment: the Al Franken Senate saga continues–we’ll have an update.