Iraq, Obama, and History: KPFK Wed. 12/31

Our year-in-review show features, first, IRAQ: the Forever War. DEXTER FILKINS  has covered the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001 for the New York Times. Filkins describes “an arid, hopeless policy” in an unforgettable book: The Forever War. (originally broadcast 9/17/08)

Obama and History: ERIC FONER comments — he teaches American history at Columbia U.,  and is the author of many books, most recently Our LincolnHis recent essay in The Nation, “Rooted in Reconstruction,” explores the history of black politics in America.  (originally broadcast 11/5/08)

Politics in 2008: DAVID CORN, Washington bureau chief of Mother Jones, reviews the year in politics – and considers the future of the Republicans.  (originally broadcast 12/17/08)

Your Minnesota Moment: it looks like AL FRANKEN will win the Minnesota Senate contest — and that Republicans in the Senate will try to block seating him.  Details at TPM Election Central.