KPFK Wed. 10/5: George Bush and the Supremes


GEORGE BUSH AND THE SUPREMES– Bush’s nomination of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court has left commentators on the right angry and bitter. HAROLD MEYERSON reports – he writes for the LA Weekly, The American Prospect, and the Washington Post op-ed page, where he has a terrific new piece on “The Right’s Dissed Intellectuals.”
The Shame of the Nation : The Restoration of Apartheid Schooling in America
: Over the past several years, JONATHAN KOZOL has visited nearly 60 public schools. Virtually everywhere, he finds that conditions have grown worse for inner-city children in the last 15 years. A state of nearly absolute apartheid now prevails in thousands of our schools; a protomilitary form of discipline has now emerged, methods of behavioral control traditionally used in prisons but targeted exclusively at black and Hispanic children; and high-stakes testing has taken on pathological and punitive dimensions. Kozol’s first book, Death at an Early Age, won the National Book Award and sold more than two million copies.

A Devil's Dictionary of Business: Monkey Business; High Finance and Low; Money, the Making, Losing, and Printing Thereof; Commerce, Trade; Clever Tricks; Tours de Force; Globalism and GlobaloneyA DEVIL’S DICTIONARY OF BUSINESS : from “dead cat bounce” to “Hello Kitty merchandising,” NICHOLAS VON HOFFMAN charts the diabolical terrain of the business world from alpha to omega. Nick von Hoffman wrote a syndicated column for the Washington Post for four years. He is the best-selling author of Citizen Cohn, a book about Roy Cohen, and he’s a columnist for the New York Observer.

Web extra: Marc Cooper writes, “at the offshore betting site you can wager real cash money on whether or not Tom DeLay gets convicted. Is this a great world or not? You can make money and watch the Ham Sandwich get sliced!” P.S.: The odds now are 13-10 for conviction.