KPFK Wed. 10/22: The Real Michelle Obama

MICHELLE OBAMA: AMY WILENTZ explains how right-wing pundits made her into “a Black Power sistuh,” and how they raised the question: “Is she too black for America?”  In fact Michelle is a solid citizen of the black working and middle class, highly educated and motivated—and she’s had to downplay her education at Princeton and Harvard Law to avoid the Republican charge of being an “elitist.”  Amy Wilentz wrote about Michelle for the Washington Post.
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century of the selfAlso: “Century of the Self” — the award-winning BBC documentary on the engineering of consent in politics and the marketplace — how consumerism replaced democracy in our culture.  Starring Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Jerry Rubin and the great Wilhelm Reich — written, produced and directed by Adam Curtis, who made the celebrated documentary “The Power of Nightmares.”  We’ll be featuring “The Century of the Self”as the KPFK Fund Drive continues–we’ll be asking you to support “radio powered by the people” and featuring this DVD as a thank you gift for a pledge of $90.