KPFK 12/17: Robert Reich: our collapsing economy

Robert Reich on economics, David Corn on politics, and Juan Cole on shoe-throwing in Baghdad:

ROBERT REICH was Clinton’s Secretary of Labor; now he argues that “What we most lack. . . are the things we use in common – clean air, clean water, public parks, good schools, and public transportation, as well as social safety nets to catch those of us who fall.” His book Supercapitalism is out now in paperback.

DAVID CORN, Washington bureau chief of Mother Jones, reviews the year in politics – and considers the future of the Republicans.

JUAN COLE comments on Arab suprt for the journalist who threw shoes at Bush, and the secret government report on the failure of the US reconstruction effort in Iraq.   Juan’s indespensible Iraq blog, “Informed Comment,” is at  Juan’s book Napoleon’s Egypt is out now in paperback.  READ the secret official report on Iraq Reconstruction HERE.  WATCH shoe-throwing video HERE

Your Minnesota Moment: in the Al Franken Senate race, the state Canvassing Board recount of 1500 disputed ballots has begun.