KFPK Wed. Apr, 28: John Dean

JOHN DEAN says the Bush White House is “Worse than Watergate” in its secrecy and deception — a live interview about his new book.

Plus: ERIC SCHLOSSER says “Make Peace with Pot.” His book Reefer Madness is out now in paperback.

Also: IAN WILLIAMS, UN Correspondent for The Nation, will have commentary and analysis of events in Falluja and Najaf, as well as the plans for the Israeli pullout from Gaza.

Film of the week: “The Agronomist” by Jonathan Demme, about Jean Dominique, one of Haiti?s most prominent human-rights fighters. At the Sunset Five, the UA Marketplace (Pasadena) and the Monica on 2nd Street in Santa Monica.

Web extra: take a look at the MoveOn TV ad on the Vietnam war records of Kerry and Bush.