KFPK Wed. 8/20: Taxi to the Dark Side

“Taxi to the Dark Side” is THE film of the year on the Bush Adminstration and torture – it won the Academy Award for Best Documentary, and tells the story of a taxi driver who committed no crime but was tortured and killed in Afghanistan. “Sooner or later we will need to understand what has happened in this country in the last seven years,” the New York Times reviewer declared, “and this documentary will be essential to that effort.” We’ll speak with ALEX GIBNEY who produced and directed the film.
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Watch the trailer
for “Taxi to the Dark Side.”

Also: Why isn’t Obama doing better? the new LA Times poll has it at Obama 47 McCain 45, a statistical dead heat. We’ll ask JOHN NICHOLS, he’s Washington Correspondent for The Nation and writes “The Beat” blog at TheNation.com. (Note: Pollster.com does have Obama winning the electoral vote 264-180 with 94 in tossup states.)
Plus, Your Minnesota Moment: Why isn’t Al Franken doing better in his senate race against Republican Norm Coleman? Polls show Coleman 49, Franken 42, while Obama is ahead 48-43.