KPFK Wed. 5/7: Obama’s November Problem

JOHN NICHOLS comments on Tuesday’s primaries in North Carolina and Indiana – and talks about Obama’s problem with Democrats. Among Clinton backers in Indiana, 33 percent say they would vote for McCain and 17 percent say they would not vote. Among Clinton supporters in North Carolina, it’s even worse: 38 percent say they would vote for McCain, and 12 percent say they would not vote. Obama, Nichols writes, “clearly has a November problem on his hands.” John is Washington correspondent for The Nation and writes “The Beat” blog at

Also: PICO IYER talks about the DALAI LAMA and TIBETAN PROTEST against Chinese repression of their culture and religion. Pico Iyer first met the Dalai Lama 33 years ago and has travelled with him extensively in the last few years, writing about his work as a politician, religious leader and celebrity — while “the country he was born to rule is slipping ever closer to extinction.” Meanwhile many Tibetans criticize the Dalai Lama for not supporting Tibetan independence or militant protest. Pico Iyer’s new book is THE OPEN ROAD: The Global Journey of the Fourteenth Dalai Lama.