KPFK Wed. 4/23: Obama After Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania primary and the presidency: HAROLD MEYERSON will answer the question, “when will it be over?” – he’s executive editor of The American Prospect and an op-ed columnist for the Washington Post.

Also: RICHARD PRICE has a new novel out: LUSH LIFE, about intersecting worlds on the Lower East Side: yuppies, Chinese immigrants, kids from the projects, old Jews, and of course the cops. “Richard Price’s ear for dialogue, his ability to caputre and reproduce the rhythm, tone, and vocabulary of urban life, cannot be overpraised” – that’s what Michael Chabon writes in the New York Review. “with all due respect to Elmore Leonard, Price is our best,” he says, “one of the best writers of dialogue in the history of American literature.”
Richard Price will be speaking Saturday at 1030 at the LA Times Festival of Books at UCLA, Fowler Museum Auditorium. Tickets free but required — at

Plus: GREIL MARCUS talks about Elvis. His classic 1975 book MYSTERY TRAIN: IMAGES OF AMERICA IN ROCK ‘N” ROLL MUSIC is out now in a fifth revised edition. Elvis, he writes, was “a great artist, a great rocker, a great purveyor of shlock, a great heart throb, a great bore, a great symbol of potency, a great ham, a great nice person, and, yes, a great American.”

Also at the Bookfest at UCLA this weekend: I’ll be on a panel with Amy Goodman and Tom Hayden — Saturday at noon at Ackerman Ballroom — tickets free but required, at

More stuff to read: my new piece at the Huffington Post, “McCain’s Medical Records: Why the Delay?”