KFPK Wed. 3/5: The Beat Goes On

Hillary won the popular vote in Texas and Ohio — but she can’t win a majority of elected delegates, no matter what happens in the remaining primaries (as Jonathan Alter has pointed out).
Can we understand what happens next? Yes we can! — with help from HAROLD MEYERSON and JOHN NICHOLS: Harold writes for the Washington Post op-ed page and is executive editor of The American Prospect; John is Washington editor of The Nation and writes “The Online Beat” blog at TheNation.com.

And to get away from Clinton, Obama, and McCain for a moment:
THE WORLD WITHOUT US: ALAN WEISMAN asks what would happen to the earth if humans vanished: how would nature respond if it were suddenly relieved of the relentless pressures of human activity? Weissman’s book is a major international bestseller, translated into 27 languages, with 2 million copies sold worldwide; It’s the #1 Nonfiction book of the year for many critics.
Watch the great YouTube video: “Your House Without You”