Barack Obama, David Bowie: John Nichols on KPFK 1/13

Listen online HERE
In Obama’s final State of the Union speech, he condemned anti-Muslim bigotry and argued for action on climate change. JOHN NICHOLS of The Nation will comment.

And we’ll also talk about DAVID BOWIE, who died earlier this week. PLAYLIST: “Heroes”— recorded in Berlin, about the Berlin wall; “Young Americans,” with the unforgettable line “Do you remember/Your President Nixon?”; “Fame” – the song he wrote and recorded with John Lennon.  READ John Nichols on David Bowie HERE.

Plus: How a small number of people can accomplish great things–and change history. We’ll speak with ERIC FONER about the hidden history of the underground railroad—his book Gateway to Freedom is out in paperback now.

Also,  RICK PERLSTEIN  says The attempt to cover up the police killing of Laquan McDonald in Chicago ought to end Mayor Rahm Emmanuel’s career.