“It was the gun”: Katha on KPFK Wed. 1/19

Jared Loughner’s Glock:  KATHA POLLITT says “it used to be that after a spectacular killing there would be a lot of hopeful/ rueful talk about keeping in from happening again.”  But now the Democrats have abandoned gun control — even though “it was the gun.” Katha wrote about guns for her latest column in The Nation.

Plus: TOM WAITS is the brilliant singer/songwriter with the growly voice and the haunting music.  Barney Hoskyns talks about his life and music – his bio, Lowside of the Road , is out now in paperback.   Playlist: “Jersey Girl,” “16 Shells from a 30 ought six,”  ”I’m Big in Japan,” “Get Behind the Mule.”  (originally aired 7/22/2009)

Also:  One, Two, Many Chinas: Chinese President Hu Jintau is meeting in Washington today with Obama – we’ll have comment from JEFF WASSERSTROM, he writes for many places including The Daily Beast, Foreign Policy, and The Nation, and he has a new co-authored piece at Time.com this week.  His new book is China in the 21st Century – What Everyone Needs To Know.