Iowa GOP: 3/4 don’t want Romney: KPFK 1/4

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Today/Wed 4-5pm on KPFK 90.7FM: In the Iowa caucus voting last night, 3/4 of Republicans didn’t want Mitt Romney, even though he’s their inevitable candidate –weak and uninspiring, in an election the GOP could otherwise win.  JOHN NICHOLS explains what happened — he’s Washington correspondent for The Nation.
Also: on New Year’s Eve, Obama signed into law the NDAA, with indefinite military detention of citizens without trial–the most sweeping legal assault on civil liberties and the constitution in memory.  HINA SHAMSI will comment — she’s Director of the National Security Project at the ACLU and lecturer at Columbia Law School.
Plus: The United Farm Workers: in 1979 they had 50,000 members; today they have 6,000.  How did they get beat — and to what extent was the UFW responsible for its own demise? FRANK BARDAKE has been thinking about that for 25 years, after working in the fields for six years — and now Verso has published his long-awaited masterpiece: TRAMPLING OUT THE VINTAGE: Cesar Chavez and the Two Souls of the United Farm Workers.