Inequality and Capitalism: KPFK 5/6

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“The most important study of inequality in the last 50 years,” and “the most influential work of economics of the century”: that’s Thomas Piketty’s book CAPITAL IN THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURYTIMOTHY SHENK will explain—he wrote the cover story on Piketty in The Nation.  Piketty’s Capital is our featured thank-you gift in the KPFK fund drive—please call and pledge during the show 818-985-5735.

Plus: A secret history of the workplace: the office, and the cubicle, where 60 percent of Americans now work.  NIKIL SAVAL has that story—he’s an editor of n+1, and his new book is CUBED. “The very boringness of the office turns out to be what is most interesting”—Elif Batuman, author of The Possessed.