How Dollarocracy Works: KPFK 7/3

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Billionaires fund candidates in both parties, pushing self-serving plans like austerity.  That’s not democracy–it’s dollarocracy.  JOHN NICHOLS explains – he’s Washington Correspondent of The Nation, and his new book is Dollarocracy: How the Money and Media Election Compex is Destroying America.

Also: it was a historic day in Egypt, as the military removed Mohammed Morsi from power, the country’s first elected president.  We have analysis from MARK LeVINE — he teaches middle eastern history at UC Irvine, and he writes for Al Jazeera English.

Plus: Hemingway Lives!  CLANCY SIGAL says we ought to celebrate Hemingway’s passionate and unapologetic political partisanship and his attitude toward sex and sexuality, as well as his “stunningly concise, no-frills writing style.”  Clancy wrote the classics Going Away and Weekend in  Dinlock, and co-wrote the feature film Frida; his new book is Hemingway Lives!