Hillary’s ‘What Happened’: D.D. Guttenplan Reports; plus David Dayen on Betsy DeVos & Harold Meyerson on Repealing Obamacare

Hillary’s book about what happened in her loss to Donald Trump – called ‘What Happened” — doesn’t really explain what happened, says D.D. Guttenplan of The Nation, and is significant mostly for what it says about her role in setting the agenda for the future of the Democratic Party.
Plus: the horrible Betsy DeVos – billionaire opponent of public schools, and now Trump’s Secretary of Education: David Dayen comments on her work on behalf of the student loan “servicing” industry, and for-profit colleges.
Also: the Republicans’ last and final attempt to repeal Obamacare is underway; Harold Meyerson reports–along with news about the California legislature declaring the entire state a sanctuary for undocumented people.
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