Hillary and the left, then and now: KPFK 9/9

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Hillary Clinton spent the first half of her political life denying that she was a feminist or a progressive.
Now that the political forces in the Democratic Party have shifted, she needs to convince progressives that she really is who she was once widely believed to be.  MICHELLE GOLDBERG will explain—she wrote the cover story in The Nation about Hillary.

Plus: Steve Jobs, creator of the iPhone and the iPod, is beloved by millions—yet, as ALEX GIBNEY shows in his documentary Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine, he was a ruthless corporate exec who exploited Chinese workers (and his own friends) while claiming to “think different.”  We’ll speak with Alex about the man and the movie. WATCH the trailer HERE.
The ACLU opposes funding body cams for the LAPD, because LAPD policy “undermines transparency and accountability.”  PETER BIBRING will explain.

Also: JULIAN BOND died a few weeks ago – he was a hero of SNCC and the civil rights direct action movement of the sixties, and went on to lead the NAACP. We’ll revisit our 2001 interview with him, where we talked about SNCC’s critique of the NAACP—he remembered it well.