Health Care – from LA to DC: KPFK Wed. 8/19

Two stories about health care in America: in LA, a week-long free clinic at the Forum in Inglewood brought thousands of people to camp out in the parking lot in the hopes of seeing a doctor or a dentist – dramatizing the problem of health care in America today. KIMI YOSHINO will explain – she was there, covering the story for the LA Times. The clinic was organized by the Remote Area Medical volunteer corps, an amazing organization.  More from Natasha Vargas-Cooper HERE

Meanwhile in DC, Obama first said he was willing to give up a public option for health care; then he said maybe not. Then liberals in the House said they would not vote for any bill unless it included a public optionHAROLD MEYERSON will comment – he’s an op-ed columnist for the Washington Post.

Also: The “State Secrets Privilege” allows the president to withhold documents and block civil litigation in the name of national security. It didn’t always exist – it was created in 1953. BARRY SIEGEL will explain how that happened — his book CLAIM OF PRIVILEGE is out now in paperback. (Originally broadcast 6/25/08)  Update on Obama and the State Secrets privilege from the NY Times HERE and ACLU HERE.

And  we’ll also listen to music from Les Paul — he died Aug. 13 at 94.  Playlist: “How High the Moon,” “The World is Waiting for the Sunrise,” “Bye Bye Blues.”