Harry Shearer on New Orleans: KPFK Wed. 9/21

HARRY SHEARER‘s new documentary  “The Big Uneasy” tells the story of the flooding of New Orleans that resulted NOT from a “natural disaster” but rather from failures of the levees — the film opens in LA on Friday at the Sunset 5  for a one-week run. WATCH the trailer to “The Big Uneasy” HERE.

Plus: The epic story of black migration out of the South –Pulitzer-prize winning journalist ISABEL WILKERSON tells that story in The Warmth of Other Suns. She will be speaking at the LA Public Library ALOUD series, 5th and  Flower streets downtown, Wed. nite at 7:00 pm — reservations free but recommended: HERE.

Also: The end of the American university? ELLEN SHRECKER talks about the assault on academic freedom and the take-over of higher education by corporate money and priorities.  Ellen is professor of history at Yeshiva University and has written extensively on the Cold War red scare; her new book is The Lost Soul of Higher Education. Joan Scott calls it “at once a grim forecast and a rally cry.”