Harold Meyerson on Full Employment; Tom Frank on Trump 2020, & Bob Dreyfuss on Mueller’s Questions–and Trump’s Answers

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Full Employment is emerging as a key component of Democratic platforms — Harold Meyerson talks about the history and the prospect of a new “Jobs for All” program–and the current support for it, not just with Bernie Dems, but with onetime centrists Corey Booker and Kristin Gillibrand.
Plus, the Trump re-election nightmare could come true — Tom Frank talks about why (it’s the economy!) and how we can stop it.
Lastly, Mueller’s Questions and Trump’s Answers: Bob Dreyfuss of the Nation comments on the changing story about paying Stormy Daniels, and about Trump’s options in the face of the release of Mueller’s questions for him.
Trump Watch podcast, 5/3/18