GOP Defeats at Polls: KPFK Wed. 11/9

Voters yesterday rejected right-wing overreach with an unbroken string of Democratic and progressive victories: HAROLD MEYERSON comments on the defeat, 61-39, of the Ohio law stripping public employees of collective-bargaining rights, and the defeat in Mississippi, 57-43, of a sweeping antiabortion initiative.  Harold writes for the Washington Post and The American Prospect.

Also: TOM WAITS has an amazing new CD out, “Bad as Me”SASHA FRERE-JONES of The New Yorker will comment.  SEE the “Visibile Tom Waits” HERE.

And FRANCES FOX PIVEN says Occupy Wall Street “has already made the concentration of wealth at the top of this society a central issue in American politics.  Now, it promises to do something similar when it comes to the realities of poverty in this country.” Piven, “the professor Glenn Beck loves to hate,” wrote about it for; her latest book is Who’s Afraid of Frances Fox Piven?