Dems Win Wisconsin Primaries: KPFK Wed. 7/13

Yesterday Wisconsin voted in the first round of the campaign to recall Republicans in the state legislature — and all six “real” Democrats won their primaries, defeating the fake Democrats run by the Republican establishment. The big elections will be Aug. 19. JOHN NICHOLS of The Nation reports from Madison.
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GARY SHTEYNGART talks about his hilarious political satire set in “the near future”SUPER SAD TRUE LOVE STORY. It’s about a world where the Bipartisan Party rules and where everybody gets their news either from Fox Liberty Prime or Fox Liberty Ultra.  And then Lenny meets Eunice. . . WATCH Gary’s video HERE;   GET Gary’s iPod app HERE

Plus: our political update from HAROLD MEYERSON, who says Obama has “moved so far to the right that he has picked up many of the ideals the Republicans have jettisoned and embraced them as his own.”  Harold writes a column for the Washington Post op-ed page and he’s interim executive editor of the American Prospect.