Gail Collins on American Women: KPFK Wed. 11/18

New York Times op-ed columnist GAIL COLLINS traces women’s progress from the fifties to the present, from “My Little Margie” to Hillary for President — and Sarah Palin for Vice President.  Gail Collins was the first woman editor of the New York Times editorial page;  Her new book is When Everything Changed: The Amazing Journey of American Women from 1960 to the Present.

Also:  With Obama’s trip to Shanghai this week, HAROLD MEYERSON asks: who created that dysfunctional relationship with China?  The answer; not the Chinese, but rather American businesses and finance, above all WalMart and Wall Street.  Harold is an op-ed columnist for the Washington Post.

Plus: RICK HERTZBERG remembers the Obama campaign — and talks about Obama one year later.  Rick writes about politics for The New Yorker; once upon a time he was a speechwriter for Jimmy Carter.  His new book is Obamanos! The Birth of a New Political Era.
Rick will be in conversation with Marty Kaplan of USC Thursday at 7:3opm at WRITER’S BLOC at the ICM Theater, 10250 Constellation Blvd (MGM building) in Century City.  Tickets are $20.