Fukushima: Thinking the Unthinkable –KPFK 3/23

We’ve had very little reporting on what the worst human and environmental consequences might be following the nuclear disasters at Fukushima.  But, TOM ENGELHARDT says, we do have “the irradiated zone of the nuclear imagination,” where pulp fiction has dwelled on planetary disasters.  Tom edits TomDispatch.com, where his new piece, “The Worst That Could Happen,” is now posted.

Plus: The epic story of black migration out of the SouthISABEL WILKERSON tells that story in The Warmth of Other Suns. Her award-winning book is out now in paperback.  (originally broadcast 9/21/10)

Also: Haiti’s Aristide problem: Haitians voted for a new president on Sunday, just after former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide returned from seven years in exile.  AMY WILENTZ says that, as president, Aristide “changed nothing structurally.” Amy’s unforgettable book about Haiti is THE RAINY SEASON; her piece “The Haitian Lazarus” appeared in the New York Times op-ed page.