From Fukushima to Diablo Canyon: KPFK Wed 3/16

The danger of nuclear power, from Fukushima to Diablo Canyon: DAN HIRSCH explains why the risks of nuclear power are too great.  Dan heads the Committee to Bridge the Gap, and teaches at UC Santa Cruz; we saw him on “The Last Word” with Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC Monday night.

Plus: MARK LeVINE has just returned from Bahrain, where Saudi troops have intervened to defend the American-backed king from popular protest.  Mark, a historian at UC Irvine, is the author of Heavy Metal Islam: Religion, Popular Culture and Resistance in the Middle East.

Also: Do you worry about Money? want more Money?  worry about wanting more Money? Then you need to go to the workshop run by Robin and Randy Petraeus, Power Couple (TIM HAMELIN & JOCELYN TOWNE).  JONAS OPPENHEIM talks about his hilarious play “FREE $$$,” which runs at the Sacred Fools Theater in Hollywood Thurs and Sun nights thru April 3.  info at