Fri. Oct. 15: JOHN SAYLES on Radio Nation

JOHN SAYLES, award winning independent filmmaker whose films include “Return of the Secaucus Seven,” “Brother from Another Planet,” “Matewan” and “Sunshine State” — now he’s published a book of short stories, Dillinger in Hollywood

Plus: JOHN NICHOLS, he writes “The Online Beat” for The Nation, talks about the campaign and Dick Cheney — his new book is Dick: The Man who is President.

Also: ART SPIEGELMAN won the Pulitzer Prize for his Holocaust story Maus — now he’s done comix about 9-11, the book In the Shadow of No Towers — a Sept. 11 story that is both highly personal and intensely political.

Web extra: “Rocking the Youth Vote” — how Bruce Springsteen, REM and the Dixie Chicks are following John Lennon’s strategy from 1972: