Al Franken Wins! – KPFK Wed. 7/1

The Minnesota Supreme Court has finally ruled — unanimously — that AL FRANKEN is the winner of the recount in his Nov. 3 Senate race with Republican Norm Coleman — and Coleman has conceded.  It’s all over —  Senate Democrats can seat Franken  next week, giving them 60 votes as the move to consider global warming and  health care.   JOHN NICHOLS of The Nation comments; and we listen to our 2003 interview with Al Franken — he was funny.

Plus: The Slave Next DoorKEVIN BALES talks about human trafficking and slavery in America today–in the most mundane middle class suburbia.  He’s president of Free the Slaves in Washington, D.C.  and Professor of Sociology at Roehampton University, London.

Also: Can one reporter change the world? I.F. STONE thought so – he’s the subject of a terrific new biography, American Radical: The Life and Times of I.F. Stone –written by D. D. GUTTENPLAN He’s London correspondent for The Nation and an award-winning former writer for New York Newsday and other publications.  Izzy of course edited I.F. Stone’s Weekly, now archived at its own website; he also had an amazing career before he launched the Weekly.