Everything you need to know about the Iowa Caucuses: Harold Meyerson on KPFK 1/27

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The Iowa caucuses
on Monday: will we see the triumph of Trump? Bernie in the lead? HAROLD MEYERSON will explain everything—he’s executive editor of The American Prospect, where he wrote “Can the Democrats Channel America’s Discontent?”

Also: DAVE ZIRIN, sports editor of The Nation, talks with KAREEM ABDUL-JABBAR about black politics, Ferguson, John Lewis, Donald Trump, and also Gil Scott-Heron. The full conversation is at Dave’s podcast, “Edge of Sports,” HERE.

And we’ll talk about “revolutionary fast food” – The amazing new restaurant LocoL in Watts, from celebrity chefs Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson—they say “the giant corporations that feed most of America have degraded our communities by maximizing profits over decades. We believe that chefs should feed America, and not suits.” JOSH KUN will explain: he writes about music, culture, and food, and teaches at USC.