Elizabeth Warren: Monopolies Are Destroying Our Economy & Democracy–George Zornick reports; plus David Dayen on Warren Buffett & Katha Pollitt on Trump & women

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Senator Elizabeth Warren wants to make the fight against monopoly power in America a key part of the Democrats’ agenda; George Zornick reports.
Also, Warren Buffett’s secret: “The sage of Omaha” is America’s favorite tycoon. He supported Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for president. But David Dayen says Warren Buffett’s wealth has actually been built on monopoly power.
Plus: Trump and that white working-class woman who voted for him.  Is she “stupid,” “gullible,” and “turned on by Trump’s bigotry”? Katha Pollitt comments on Renee Elliott, the laid-off worker at that Carrier plant in Indiana— the face of the white working-class Trump voter.  2/14/18