Dustin Hoffman, Kurt Vonnegut, John Coltrane:
from the Pacifica Archives: KPFK 11/18

Today we’re featuring gems from the Pacifica Archives, and asking you to support the Archives: they are perserving our history, the sounds of our struggles and our dreams, and the voices of our heroes. Please call during the hour and pledge: 800-735-0230 – or online HERE .

This hour we’ll be featuring rare audio, the source for amazing animation from Blank on Blank: DUSTIN HOFFMAN in 1971, recalling living next door to the building in Greenwich Village blown up accidentally by the Weather Underground. He also says that, as a kid, “I carried a knife taped to my leg. I never used it but it was there.” Watch the animation from Blank on Blank HERE

Plus: Novelist KURT VONNEGUT remembers “learning to walk around looking tough” growing up in Indianapolis. Watch HERE
Also: JOHN COLTRANE in 1966 was living on Long Island. One afternoon, Frank Kofsky took the train out to interview him. Coltrane picked him up at the station. They drove around town. They stopped to talk. (Coltrane died less than a year later.) Watch HERE.