Canadian Truckers: a Working Class Protest? Jeet Heer, plus Amy Wilentz on Paul Farmer

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Now that Canada’s “Freedom Convoy” has come to an end, we’re wondering: was this protest really a working-class movement? As Jeet Heer explains on this week’s episode, the leadership and funding for the protest came from right-wing networks, and the “truckers” were mostly owners of trucking firms rather than drivers. Nevertheless, it was a movement that gained significant support, and something left-wing political activists should pay attention to, Heer says.

Also this week, Amy Wilentz remembers her friend and a hero to many: Paul Farmer. Farmer brought high-quality healthcare to some of the poorest communities in the world, beginning in Haiti. For more, read Wilentz’s obituary of public health hero.  2-24-2022