Can Obama’s Domestic Surveillance Program be Stopped? KPFK 6/12

The ACLU is suing the Obama administration over its surveillance of domestic phone calls, arguing that the the once-secret NSA program is illegal, should be stopped, and its  records purged.  PETER BIBRING will explain; he’s Senior Staff Attorney at the ACLU of Southern California.  SEE the NSA “PRISM” slideshow HERE.
Plus: It’s the 50th anniversary of the New York Review of Books, which started publication during the NYC newspaper strike of 1963.  ROBERT SILVERS is founder and still editor–he’ll talk about how the mag started , how it’s stayed alive–and how it’s never lost money.

also: A secret army, a war without end–and a journalist determined to uncover the truth: That’s the story of the film “Dirty Wars” and it’s playing now in LA at the Landmark on Pico and nationwide – it’s about Jeremy Scahill, national security correspondent for The Nation magazine.
He’ll be doing a live Q&A in LA tonight at the Landmark on Pico in West LA after the 7:40 screening.  WATCH the “Dirty Wars” trailer HERE.