Those Florida Republicans: KPFK Wed. 8/25

Primaries in Florida and Arizona Tuesday tested the Tea Party’s strength among Republicans and the power of a billionaire to win a Senate Democratic nomination.  JOHN NICHOLS reviews the results – his new post at is “Sex, Drugs and Bill Clinton.”

Also: the “Ground Zero Mosque” in lower Manhattan — should it find another site, out of “respect for the 9-11 families,” and the ADL argues?  STEPHEN ROHDE explains why “It is wise, it is right, it is good for that mosque and community center to be built in that place.”  Stephen is co-president of Progressive Jewish Alliance and chair of Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace.

Plus: “Mad Men” is the best series on TV right now – NATASHA VARGAS-COOPER talks about sex, literature, politics, and of course advertising on the show – and how it portrays the “cultural matrix” of the early sixties.  The New Yorker called her MAD MEN UNBUTTONED “the richest of the “Mad Men” books.”