Barbara Ehrenreich: The crime of poverty – KPFK 8/12

BARBARA EHRENREICH asks: Is it a crime in America to be poor? “You won’t be arrested for shopping in a Dollar Store,” she says, “but if you are truly, deeply, in-the-streets poor, you’re well advised not to engage in any of the biological necessities of life — like sitting, sleeping, lying down or loitering.” Barbara wrote about poverty for the New York Times op-ed page; her most recent book is This Land is Their Land.

Plus: JOHN NICHOLS on “the Cheney-like secrecy of the Obama White House.”  John is Washington correspondent for The Nation and writes “The Beat” blog at

And MICHAEL POLLAN and his Eater’s Manifesto: he says “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly vegetables.” He will also provide his critique of the “Nutritional Industrial Complex.” Michael Pollan is the author of the number one-bestseller IN DEFENSE OF FOOD — it’s out now in paperback.  (originally broadcast 2/13/08)

Also: who will serve on Obama’s death panels — the ones Sarah Palin says will give the thumbs-down to her baby Trig?  We’ll have a report.