Barbara Ehrenreich: How the White Working Class Lives Now: KPFK 1/6

Listen online HERE
Barbara Ehrenreich
talks about the alarming rise in the death rate of middle-aged white working-class men, who are committing suicide and dying of drug overdoses and alcoholism–or else voting for Donald Trump.  But is there another path?

Also: Harold Meyerson says if you want to understand exactly what caused the evisceration of the American middle class, you have to follow the money—and look at the fundamental redefinition of the corporate mission that has transformed U.S. business over the past 35 years.
Harold at The American Prospect, HERE.

Plus: Kenneth Turan of the LA Times talks about “The Big Short”:  A true crime story and a wild  comedy, a heist film and a movie with a message, “The Big Short” tells the story of “outsiders who saw the giant lie at the heart of the economy.”  READ Turan’s review HERE WATCH the trailer HERE.