Bad Cops: Erwin Chemerinsky on KPFK 9/3

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How the Supreme Court Protects Bad Cops: ERWIN CHEMERINSKY
says the Court has created often insurmountable obstacles” to justice for victims of police abuse. Erwin is founding dean of the law school at UC Irvine and wrote about bad cops for the New York Times op-ed page.

Also: despite the suffering and misery in Gaza, Syria, Egypt and elsewhere in the Mideast, JUAN COLE says, a new generation of Arab men and women are using innovative notions of personal rights to challenge the authoritarianism, corruption, and stagnation that had afflicted their societies. Juan’s new book, The New Arabs, offers a provocative and optimistic argument about the future of the Arab world.

Plus: How the black community of Ferguson, Missouri have shed their fear and asserted their humanity in ways big and small, beautiful and ugly: GARY YOUNGE was an eyewitness. He writes for The Guardian and The Nation—and he will be talking about his book The Speech: The Story Behind Dr Martin Luther King Jr.’s Dream at Esowon Books on Sept 9, next Tues, at 7pm –4327 Degnan Boulevard in Liemert Park.