Arizona Immigration Laws & Sports: KPFK 5/26

Arizona’s anti-immigrant laws have sparked opposition in the world of sports.  There’s a campaign to get Major League Baseball to move the All-Star game out of Phoenix.  A lot of athletes have been great, but there’s one big exception: Lakers Coach Phil Jackson.  DAVE ZIRIN will explain – he’s sportswriter for The Nation, he writes the blog Edge of Sports, and he’s author of A People’s History of Sports.

Also: the Plastic Panic:  Dr. JEROME GROOPMAN asks how worried should we be about everyday chemicals? Children are especially vulnerable.  Groopman is a staff writer for The New Yorker. he also teaches at the Harvard Medical School and is the chief of Experimental Medicine at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and he wrote the book How Doctors Think.

Plus: it’s Miles Davis’s birthday today — he would have been 84 years old today — and in honor of his birthday we’ll replay our interview from March 2000 with QUINCY TROUPE — he collaborated on Miles’s autobiography, and then wrote the book Miles and Me. We’ll talk about “Kind of Blue,” “Bitches Brew,” and Quincy’s work with Miles on the books.  Quincy is now professor emeritus at UC San Diego.