Andrei Codrescu’s Impractical Guide: KPFK Wed. 4/15

“I would like to give young people solid intellectual, historical support for saying ‘screw you’” – that’s what ANDREI  CODRESCU says, he’s the poet and NPR commentator from New Orleans.  In pursuit of that goal, he has come up with “impractical guide to practical living” – seeing the 20th century as a battle between radical visions of art and revolution: one the one hand, the creative and the absurd; on the other, reason and order. His new book is The Posthuman Dada Guide.
Andrei Codrescu will be speaking in the ALOUD series at the downtown LA Public Library on Tues April 28, 7:00pm.

Plus: “America hasn’t led on RENEWABLE ENERGY since Jimmy Carter left office and Ronald Reagan ripped out the solar panels from the White House” – that’s what EDWARD HUMES says. Obama knows what has to be done – but an intractable opposition is working to block aggressive government intervention. The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist talks about the environmental heroes of our age. His new book is ECO BARONS: The Dreamers, Schemers, and Millionaires who are Saving our Planet.
He’ll be speaking at the LA Times Festival of Books Sunday April 26 at 11:00am in Haines 39.l

ALSO: SMOGTOWN – Los Angeles, where the enemy “came from within” – from the car-addicted suburban lifestyle that took off after WWII. Environmental journalists CHIP JACOBS and BILL KELLY tell the story of the corporate-tainted science, the immense health costs, and the attempts at cleanup. Their new book is Smogtown: The Lung-Burning History of Pollution in Los Angeles. They will be speaking at the LA Times Festival of Books Sunday April 26 at 11:00am in Haines 39.