Andrei Codrescu: New Orleans Now – KPFK 9/1

New Orleans now, five years after Katrina: we’ll speak with poet, novelist and essayist  ANDREI CODRESCU about what has changed there, and what hasn’t.  Andrei edits Exquisite Corpse: A Journal of Letters and Life; he wrote the memorable New Orleans Mon Amour;  his new book is The Poetry Lesson.

Also we’ll speak with historian MICHAEL BELLESILES about the violent and ugly America of 1877.  His new book is 1877: America’s Year of Living Violently. Michael teaches history at Central Connecticut State University.

Also: China just passed Japan as the number two economic power in the world – and yet China is still ruled by a Communist Party. Historian JEFF WASSERSTROM will explain some of the paradoxes here – Jeff writes for Foreign Policy the Christian Science Monitor, and the Huffington Post, and is chair of the history department at UC Irvine. He is co-founder of the blog, and his new book is CHINA IN THE 21ST CENTURY: WHAT EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW.